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Food giant General Mills and a Waterville man who sued the company have settled the lawsuit by mutual agreement.

Gregory Paul Violette filed the product liability civil lawsuit in September 2018 claiming that Betty Crocker emblems on two tablespoons came off and got into his food, sickening him. General Mills is the parent company of Betty Crocker.

Violette and attorneys for Betty Crocker and General Mills Inc. agreed in a Maine district court filing on Dec. 20, 2018, that the matter is settled and that all claims in the litigation were dismissed with prejudice.

Each party is responsible for paying its own costs, interests and fees.

Violette and General Mills did not immediately return calls for comment.

Violette had been seeking $250,000 in damages along with attorney fees, court costs and any other relief the court deemed just.

“I got very sick and the doctor said it was from the paint of the emblems on the Betty Crocker measuring spoons,” Violette wrote when he filed the lawsuit, which he did on his own without a lawyer.

He claimed that on or about July 16, 2018, he bought two sets of Betty Crocker red measuring spoons to use to measure a coconut oil and peanut butter mix he eats daily.

About three days later, he found the Betty Crocker emblem was coming off two tablespoons that he had been using, court documents show

He said he was sick for three days.

“I have not been able to deal with the emblems coming off the spoons and getting sick,” he wrote in the lawsuit. “I have been seen at the Veterans Administration mental health services since Aug. 10, 2018, and I am continuing treatment.”

In court documents, General Mills denied all of Violette’s claims.

“General Mills denies that any product manufactured by General Mills for use in the preparation of any food was injurious or defective in any way,” the company wrote.

The company also had challenged Violette’s claim that he was damaged in any way by the measuring spoons.