A teaching moment

I am a Catholic, pro-life Democrat and a high school and college teacher for over 30 years. I have participated in pro-life marches at the state and local levels. I was saddened by the interpretation of the events in Washington on Martin Luther King weekend between the high school students and the Native Americans. I believe that the vicious anti-Catholic heckling from a third group was to blame, but everyone blamed the students. The heckling surprised both groups, and they did not know how to react. This was not what they had come here for. Both tried to defuse the situation, each in their own way. I do not believe they meant to disrespect each other.

That the students were wearing Trump hats did not help. Identifying signs should have been pro-life, not political. Pro-life and Catholicism are universal, not Trump, not Republican. Also, the media’s focus on this one incident overshadowed all other messages being featured on that day.

I commend both the students and the Native Americans for their nonviolent stance and strongly encourage a meeting between Nicholas Sandmann’s group and Nathan Phillips’ group so this becomes a teaching moment rather than a divisive moment for all.

Cleo P. Ouellette


No to Sauschuck

Today the Second Amendment is under attack in Maine. The governor has chosen Michael Sauschuck to head the Department of Public Safety, which includes the State Police. He will be an unelected bureaucrat that will set the policy of his department in Maine. He has extreme positions on gun control. His record and statements concerning guns is easily attainable. He has served on the board of Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence and the Maine Gun Safety Coalition. He appears to be in favor of the most extreme gun control measures and restrictions and has testified to that in the past.

Maine’s 129th Legislature is currently considering at least 25 anti-Second Amendment bills. These range from magazine restrictions, increasing restrictions on areas where firearms can be carried, the transfer of firearms, controls based on the appearance of the firearm and worst of all, the red flag laws. Any freedom-loving individual (gun owner or not) should be against red flag laws. These strip away the protections and rights of the accused in currently existing laws.

Pay attention, freedom-loving people. The hearing for Sauschuck appointment is Feb. 1, and hearings for the other bills will be scheduled over the next two months.

Joe Grant


Waiting for a retraction

Congratulations on spreading of false news once again. Will we see a retraction on the false news story that was accepted without verification concerning the interactions of Catholic school kids with a Native American in D.C.?

Peter Petersen


Not crying for the hotel industry

Let me get out my tiny violin for the Maine hotel industry. We, the public, are supposed to have sympathy because they can’t grow because of supposed lack of workers? Further, they want to import more foreigners. Isn’t the price of a hotel between $100 and $300 a night? If they paid a living wage of $15 plus benefits they would have more than enough help. Most people I know who work, travel at least 30 minutes to work one way for just mediocre jobs.

The commercial running now on television is correct. Businesses want a college graduate for 30 hours a week at $11 an hour. Of course people flock out of the state. Being exploited by businesses is not very enticing. If you want good people to stay and come back year after year, Maine people will work, but you have to pay a living wage with benefits. Where are the ethics?

Kelley Hashey