Build a northern wall

I suggest that the Republicans build their wall by starting with our northern border. A 30-foot high concrete wall from Calais to the Pacific to protect us from Canadians seeking asylum would go far in demonstrating that the United States is not a white supremacist nation. In addition, with another year or two of Trump Republican chaos, Canada may well pay for the wall as a protective investment in Canada.

Douglas Coffin

Stockton Springs

More foreign language teachers

I read the Jan. 29 BDN article, “Area schools making earning diplomas easier” with some interest.

As an educator, I welcome the change back to a numeric grade system, which quantifies a student’s classroom accomplishment in a way no categorical standard can.

However, as a foreign language teacher, I take exception to my content area being singled out as a reason for this change. If proficiency-based grading is unsatisfactory in its own right then accept that. Don’t argue that Bangor-area students cannot achieve proficiency in another language or that foreign language teachers are somehow less reasonable in their expectations than teachers of other disciplines. In my experience neither is true.

What’s true is there’s a shortage of foreign language teachers in our state. Area colleges and universities must do more to attract and train people to fill these positions or promote alternative pathways to teacher certification for those already proficient in another language.

Geoffrey B. Gillett


Germany’s wall

When Dr. Martin Luther king visited the newly constructed Berlin wall in 1964, he deemed it to be “very depressing.” Conversely, East German Premier Erich Honecker, the mastermind of the “anti-fascist protection barrier,” touted the structure as a monumental achievement of his regime. In January of 1989, the soon to be deposed dictator boasted that the barrier, designed of course to imprison his citizens, would be standing a century after his death.

It is ironic that in her recent MLK day speech at the University of New England, Angela Davis took umbrage at the proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall given her prior support for and patronage received from the German Democratic Republic.

Dennis Coffey

Old Orchard Beach

Sutton letter a shock

Paula Sutton’s recent letter to Sen. Susan Collins was a shock. The letter, published as an advertisement, described the mess her parents went through on the southern border in Texas. Illegal border crossers invading her father’s ranch was serious indeed but the ineffectiveness of the local authorities to protect the family and property is truly disheartening. The right to own and keep property without fear is a cornerstone of our nation. Her family owned that property and were virtually driven out by people who had no right to set foot in our country.

American citizens who are paying attention are placing the blame for occurrences such as this where it belongs — on the members of Congress who refuse to protect them and their property. Congress, please vote yes to build a wall on our southern border.

RoseMarie Russell


Protect the Second Amendment and yourself

As a woman, I feel that it should be my right to protect myself from harm by any means necessary. I know that I am not as strong as a would-be criminal trying to rob me or something even more sinister. I also know that there is no “protection order” (piece of paper) that will protect me. Our Founders also knew this. They wrote the Second Amendment into the Constitution for the protect of our right to defend ourselves, man or woman.

Many people like to say that the Second Amendment only creates a militia. It does create a militia. It also defines “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms.” The right of security and to bear arms “shall not be infringed.”

I believe all women should be insisting on their right to defend themselves. The 25-plus new gun control bills going before the state Legislature are going to take that Constitutional right away from us all. That, and the potential of Michael Sauschuck as the new head of the Department of Public Safety, which includes the police.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. They will not take care of you like you will take care of yourself. Don’t believe the lies. Stop Sauschuck and the barrage of gun controlling legislation. Tell your lawmakers — state and federal — to protect your rights! The hearing at 10 a.m. Feb. 1 at the State House in Augusta will be your first chance to let them hear your concerns.

Diane Vernesoni