Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro.

Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro said he felt safer knowing that people came to City Council meetings armed.

His remarks came during a Tuesday night City Council meeting, when residents discussed moving the meetings from Chace Forum at the Bill and Joan Alfond Main Street Commons, a downtown building owned by Colby College, to a city-owned property, according to the Waterville Morning Sentinel.

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One reason prompting discussion about a move: Colby College prohibits firearms on college property, unless carried by law enforcement or for special education purposes, the Sentinel reports.

Isgro said when previous council meetings at another venue in downtown Waterville got heated, he felt “a lot safer when people were threatening me” knowing others in the audience were armed, according to the Sentinel.

That wasn’t the only reason cited to support the change in venue.

Councilor Sandra Sullivan said it was inappropriate for city business to be conducted in locations not owned by the city, according to the Sentinel.

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The Waterville City Council previously held meetings at The Center, a downtown venue near City Hall and the Waterville Opera House. The Center isn’t owned by the city, and the city previously paid rent to hold meetings there. The city presently uses the Chace Forum free of charge, the Sentinel reports.

Other venues discussed as alternate meeting locations included City Hall, the opera house, police department and library, the Sentinel reports.