Maine game warden Paul Farrington keeps three black bear cubs that were relocated Jan. 31, 2019, after a timber operation near their ground nest caused their mother to run away. The cubs were placed in dens of surrogate mother bears. Credit: Courtesy of Melissa Elkins

Maine’s wildlife biologists are venturing into woods in Edinburg on Wednesday to check on an abandoned bear cub placed with a surrogate mother. The BDN’s John Holyoke and Gabor Degre are tagging along.

It was one of three bear cubs abandoned in January after their mother was scared out of her ground nest by nearby logging equipment.

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The surrogate mother welcomed the little bear, which weighed about three pounds at the time, into her den.

The mother bear, nicknamed Funk, is one of the “study bears” in Maine’s long-term research project, and is wearing a locator collar.

John Holyoke

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