Bangor firefighters put trash back into a garbage truck after rescuing a man from the back on March 8, 2019. Credit: Bangor Fire Department

A homeless man who wound up inside a garbage truck in Bangor last week thought for certain he was going to die.

Jamie Bryant, 41, told ABC affiliate WVII that he climbed into a metal trash bin on March 7 to find a place to sleep, and he left the door open and his backpack outside to alert anyone that he was inside.

But Bryant was awoken early the next morning when he found himself being dumped inside a Casella Waste Systems garbage truck emptying the trash bin outside Bangor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Texas Avenue, near Bangor International Airport, according to the Bangor Fire Department.

“I just started screaming, ‘Somebody help me. Somebody help. Help, help!’ I kept screaming and pounding and pounding on the side of that truck,” Bryant told WVII.

Bryant made several attempts to escape from the garbage truck, suffering numerous injuries in the process, including a burned hand, a cracked femur, and broken and cracked ribs, WVII reported.

“I started to fight for my life,” Bryant said.

Staff walking to work at Westgate Manor on Union Street heard Bryant’s cries for help and called 911, according to the Bangor Fire Department.

Just before 5 a.m., Bangor firefighters and the driver of the Casella Waste Systems truck, who didn’t realize Bryant was inside, freed him from the truck.