End pension double taxation

Maine Sen. Lisa Keim has sponsored and filed LD 1019, An Act to Eliminate the Double Taxation of Out-of-state Pensions. The taxation committee has scheduled a public hearing for 1 p.m. Tuesday in Room 127 in the State House in Augusta. Many retirees who moved to Maine receive pensions originating from other states. They contributed as employees to retirement benefit plans preventing no further state income taxes. Maine does not recognize these contributions and requires paying Maine income tax. So people are “double taxed.”

Help stop this injustice. You can contact the taxation committee or your legislators in support of Keim’s bill at this hearing.

Karen E. Holmes


We mourn for Christchurch

Congregation Adas Yoshuron of Rockland joins the world in recoiling from the horror of last week’s attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand. The people of midcoast Maine were immediately with us at the time of our tragedy in Pittsburgh, a kindness that we will never forget and one that will resonate through the ages. Now we are one with Muslims throughout the world.

We know Islam as a religion of peace and so this abject violence is even more stunning to us and to all who seek peace, reconciliation and happiness.

We mourn those who were lost. May Allah, peace be upon him, give them an easy and pleasant journey and shower blessings on their graves.

Clifford C. Dacso


Adas Yoshuron Synagogue


Enough trash

When I came to Hartland 30 years ago, the town had three stores, two gas stations, a grocery store, a restaurant and two diners. Residents got out and were involved in parades and dances. What happened to the vibrant community? Now the town has only a few business, buildings are falling down, and there is trash all around downtown and a rampant rat problem. To top it off, now we have a landfill.

Things got worse in 2016 when the selectboard decided to take out-of-town sludge and waste from other towns, including Brewer, which had recently been banned from the Plymouth fertilizer plant. We also take in construction demolition debris, which is actually used for cover and autofluff, along with other types of waste. We have enough of our own trash, we don’t need any more.

Tell the selectboard to close the landfill today, to protect our tomorrow and restore our clean, vibrant community.

Roderick Pease


Saudi allies?

Since 9/11 when several of its citizens led a terrorist attack on the United States., the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has claimed the role of an American “ally.” The success of this PR effort can be attributed to a combination of the kingdom’s intense lobbying of U.S. politicians and pundits, and more recently, the Trump administration’s connections to the Saudi royal family.

According to Wikipedia, “tens of billions of dollars have been spent by the Saudi government and charities on mosques, schools, education materials, scholarships, throughout the world to promote Islam and the Wahhabi interpretation of it.” Wahhabism has been used to promote Islamic jihadism around the world.

Since jihadism has replaced communism as America’s main international adversary, why does the U.S. provide Saudi Arabia with support in the form of billions of dollars in weapons sales, with which it has spread chaos and disaster in Yemen, and the Trump administration’s proposed transfer of nuclear technology, which may be used to construct nuclear weapons? Why are we are supporting the source of a proven threat to our national security?

Roger Carpentter