The Silver Street Tavern in Waterville. Credit: CBS 13

A customer at a restaurant in Waterville turned a regular busy Saturday night into one staff would never forget.

Zack Denis, a server at Silver Street Tavern, said working there is not like working at any other restaurant.

“You can get good service at a restaurant if you have 19 servers with three tables at a time,” he said. “We don’t do that. I have anywhere from 8-12 tables a night at a time. Cranking them out. This is a team effort here.”

Employees said while some nights can get crazy, everyone steps up.

Well, Saturday was just another busy day. And Denis was running from table to table as usual.

“I had just sat these people and just put their order in,” Denis said. “I guess they got another thing of wine and asked to speak with a manager. Everyone was like, ‘Why does he want to talk to the manager?’”

Little did they know, they would be receiving a $2,000 tip. And without question, they chose to split it between the entire team — from the servers all the way to kitchen staff.

“This was totally unexpected and to have [the kitchen staff] get a piece of that is the biggest part to me because they don’t make what we make and they work their butts off,” Dennis said.

Regulars said a gift like that comes as no surprise.

“One of the things that you notice here is that there is very little turnover in the staff. People stay here for a long time and they are very good at what they do. They are very friendly. Everyone knows everyone’s name. So, it is well deserved,” said Cathy Taylor, a regular customer.

Employees mentioned how the random act of kindness makes them want to continue to pay it forward.

“These are the kinds of things that make you feel good about your community, the people you live and work with to recognize that and to do something like this,” bartender Tony Tuell said. “It speaks volumes for the city of Waterville and the people that work here.”