Joshua Tilson, president and CEO of Tilson Technology, a Portland company that helps acquire, construct and manage cellular and fiber optic networks, has attracted $10 million in loan and equity investment over the past three years to grow quickly. Credit: Courtesy of Tilson Technology

Fast-growing Tilson Technology, a Portland-based company that provides communications network services, has attracted up to $100 million from a New York investment company.

Tilson plans to use the money from SDC Capital Partners to expand its network infrastructure services.

The money also will let Tilson spin out and capitalize its affiliate company, SQF LLC, which owns and develops telecommunications resources in public rights-of-way throughout the country.

Tilson CEO Joshua Broder said the money puts the company in a strong position to expand its infrastructure development business, including 5G networks and internet of things technology services.

The company has telecommunications, construction, utility and government clients.

It has 550 employees in 23 offices nationally.