The fire tower on the top of Mount Agamenticus in York. Credit: CBS 13

YORK, Maine — The future of the fire tower atop Mount Agamenticus, is up in the air.

Crews are removing the “cab” structure on top of the 65-foot-tall tower in York, as well as 10 feet of the tower itself, because it’s falling apart.

Local firefighters want a new fire tower built because they say it’s crucial for detecting wildfires. According to the York Department of Parks and Recreation, the tower has been used to spot more than 800 fires since 1991.

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Officials say most of the metal tower itself is structurally sound, the big question is how far to take the rebuild.

“Who doesn’t want to go up in tower?” York Town Manager Stephen Burns said. “I mean it’s fun. I took my kids up here when they were little and I love doing that and it has a practical function the question is, ‘Is it worth it replacing it as a full fire tower or just having an observation platform?’”

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Local firefighters say they may be able to find grants and fundraise to pay for the new tower.

According to the National Historic Lookout Register, the original tower was built in 1918, but has been taken down and replaced multiple times over the years, with the current structure being built in 1981. In 1985, a catwalk around the cab structure was added.