Lawrence High School. Credit: Mushero | Creative Commons 3.0

Hundreds of Lawrence High School students walked out of class Thursday to protest the elimination of their principal, the Morning Sentinel reported.

The students marched from the high school to the School Administrative District 49 superintendent’s office carrying signs reading “We are watching, we are listening, we will hold the school board accountable” and “Hear our frustration: Save our education” among other things.

About 300 students waited outside the office for about 45 minutes in wet weather, but the superintendent did not make an appearance, the Morning Sentinel reported.

The SAD 49 school board approved a restructuring plan that eliminated a number of positions, including the Lawrence High School principal, the newspaper reported.

High school principal Mark Campbell voluntarily resigned from his position Friday after the school board approved a financial settlement with him in anticipation of his job being cut, Superintendent Reza Namin told the Morning Sentinel previously.

Featured image by Mushero used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.