The University of Maine at Farmington is pictured Jan. 22, 2019. Credit: Bangor Daily News

CBS News has produced an online documentary about sex education and consent that features the University of Maine at Farmington’s ongoing conversation about sexual assault.

The 23-minute film, which raises problems with a lack of robust sex education across the country, is available online.

The documentary showcases a number of students, including Amy Fortier-Brown, a senior at UMF who founded the Facebook group Look Us in the Eyes to organize student-led changes on campus after the Bangor Daily News wrote about the school’s failures in dealing with two female students’ rape cases.

She has advocated for a required health class that would cover issues relating to consent, healthy relationships and sexual assault prevention.

“This documentary highlights one of the many issues with sexual assault on college campuses, one that, if addressed, could have a dramatic impact. With better sexual health education we will form a generation with better sexual health. That is an essential part of the solution that will end rape culture and sexual assault on college campuses and beyond in this nation,” Fortier-Brown said.

“It’s not enough to just offer it and say we checked the box,” UMF’s interim President Eric Brown said. Sex education should be “required and substantial and retained.”

The documentary was produced by Cydney Adams and edited by Jeremy Rocklin.

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Erin Rhoda

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