Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

Editor’s note: This is an email that was sent to faculty at Thomas College in response to the Bangor Daily News’ reporting about the school’s handling of several sexual misconduct cases. Read the original story here.

Good morning, all.

This morning, the Bangor Daily News reported on the Title IX process at Thomas College and featured the stories of some students who have filed complaints on our campus over the past 3 years.

The most important things for you to know:

1. This is a highly sensitive matter concerning very personal, traumatic situations for all involved – complainants, respondents, and witnesses.

  1. This can be very painful for those involved.
  2. This is a very serious matter.
  3. We as a College take it very seriously and you should too.

2. Federal privacy laws prohibit anybody at this institution from discussing specifics, names or allegations. Out of respect and compassion for all involved and for the protection of the process in all Title IX proceedings, nothing about these individual cases should be discussed. In addition, Federal Privacy Laws require that the College remain silent as to the allegations. We cannot respond to specific cases in any instance. Sexual misconduct includes: sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, non-consensual sexual contact, non-consensual sexual intercourse, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking.

3. If anyone is triggered by these stories or hears of other situations on campus where people feel they have been mistreated or have not been heard regarding their Title IX incidents, we all have the responsibility to report this information to the Title IX Coordinators (Lisa Desautels-Poliquin or Michelle Joler-Labbe). Please get this information to the appropriate people so it can be handled in a timely, thorough, and appropriate manner. And please let the student know that our college counselor, Carol Jollotta, is always available to help support them. We all have the responsibility to help our students.

4. It is possible that Thomas College will receive emails or phone calls about the Title IX story and the school’s sexual misconduct policies. All emails, phone calls or social media posts should be immediately (and confidentially) sent to MacKenzie Riley Young to ensure that all emails and calls can be answered in a timely, consistent, sensitive, appropriate, legal manner.

5. If someone calls you about this situation, please reply with: Thank you for reaching out. We appreciate it. I’m not the appropriate person to answer your questions, but if you would please share your contact information, I will make sure it gets to the appropriate person who can answer your question.

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Thomas S. Edwards