The materials needed to make a seedling pot out of newspaper: an old newspaper, scissors, tape and a can or cylindrical glass.

It’s no secret that everyone is trying to reduce their environmental impact these days. Reducing consumption, recycling what you can and composting the rest are excellent places to start.

But what about your beloved Bangor Daily News? Once you’ve enjoyed the countless articles, columns, photos, illustrations and, of course, the crossword puzzle, it’s time to bid adieu.

We can’t expect you to keep a collection of them in your house (but if you do, even better). Recycling is great, but reusing is even better. Here are four ways to get the most mileage out of your old BDN copies.

Fold up some origami

It’s time to have a little fun. Take a break from the chaos of the week and make some art. Fold a miniature kitten or a swan. To channel even more creativity, paint on details (whiskers for your kitten, perhaps) and draw some geometric patterns. Save your creations to add to the other art in your home. If you have kids, turn it into craft time and have them channel their imaginations.

Make seedling planters

Throughout the state, outdoor farmers markets are emerging from their winter hibernation. Although it’s important to support your local farmers, it can’t hurt to have your own planters as well. Herbs and tomatoes can easily be started as seedlings, and later be transferred to a backyard garden or community plot. Grab a newspaper, wrap it around a can, fold the bottom in and there you go, a starter seedling pot that will biodegrade or easily peel away.

Use it for packing

Whether you’re sending a care package across the country or need a little cushion for your friend’s birthday present, shredding your BDN can help pack any present. It might not be Easter season anymore, but if you’re presenting a collection of gifts in a basket, this trick works just as well. Bonus tip: Newspaper doubles as wrapping paper, too. Just be careful with the ink.

Create magazine flowers

All you need for this DIY is a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun and of course, the latest copy of Bangor Metro. Once you’re done reading everything the May issue has to offer (including why your kids should play in the mud, canning 101 and living mindfully), cut out a bunch of flower layers to make your petals and add strips to make your center. Soon, you’ll have your very own DIY flower show in your apartment.