This map shows the approximate area where the attack took place in Lisbon on a walking path near the Androscoggin River. Credit: Google Maps

An unknown animal, likely a dog or a coyote, attacked a Lisbon family Saturday evening as they walked along the Lisbon walking path near the Androscoggin River.

Police were notified at about 8:30 p.m. that roughly two hours earlier, an approximately 80-pound animal attacked an 11-year-old girl who suffered bite wounds to her leg, Lisbon Police Chief Marc Hagan said Sunday in a release.

The girl’s mother, 37, was then bitten in the hand, reportedly losing a piece of her finger, as she attempted to pull her daughter away from the animal. The father, 38, reportedly suffered minor wounds to his hand while prying the animal’s mouth off his wife’s hand.

A 16-month-old dog with the family at the time was not injured.

The family left immediately and went to St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment of injuries as well as a rabies vaccine, Hagain said.

Police are warning residents walking on or near the path to call 911 or 353-2500 immediately if they see a coyote or a dog not with its owner.

Police will continue to patrol the path over the next several days as the investigation continues. Anyone who witnessed the attack or who has further information about the possible identity of the animal or its owner should contact police.