Two boaters were rescued from the cold water in Casco Bay on Saturday after their canoe capsized. Credit: Courtesy of Amy Tuttle Semon via CBS 13

Two boaters are safe thanks to the quick thinking of crew members aboard a Casco Bay ferry.

The ferry had just left Peaks Island on Saturday afternoon when the crew spotted two men in the water, near a capsized canoe.

The crew steered the ship toward the two men and were able to pull them from the water. According to witnesses, the two men had been in the chilly water for about 10 minutes but neither needed medical attention.

The captain of the ferry, Andrew Gildart, said he’s proud of how quickly his crew responded.

“They jumped right into action with their life vests clipped in, had the ladder out and we plucked them out of the water before people on board even knew we had them on board,” said Gildart, who captains the ferry for Casco Bay Lines. “That’s why we go through situations like this and try to practice so when the situation does arise they can usually come out on top.”

Crew members said it only took a few minutes to rescue the two men and that the ferry remained on schedule.