Sappi North America is adding new textures that are being made at its Westbrook facility. Credit: Courtesy of Sappi North America | Sappi North America, Inc.

Forest products maker Sappi North America of Westbrook added six new textured papers to its product line, including one with an iridescent shimmer and others with attributes of worn or brushed steel.

Sappi, once synonymous only with large forests and paper mills, during the past 30 years has turned its expertise with wood to the fashion runways, upscale kitchens and even doctors’ offices.

It now makes more than 70 textured release papers for worktops, kitchen counters and cabinets, flooring and other uses. The release paper can imprint patterns onto materials used on a broad range of surfaces and materials, including those used for shoes, upholstery and bacteria-resistant surfaces.

The company plans to show the six textured papers at the upcoming interzum 2019 exposition in Cologne, Germany, from May 21-24.

“We make all of these textures exclusively in Westbrook,” said Beth Cormier, vice president of research and development at Sappi.

The textures that are new or coming soon are Selva, Optima, Magma, Fiesta, Urban and Canyon.

Selva, inspired by North American hardwoods, alters finely grained soft sections with structured dark veins, the company said.

Optima, influenced by the patina of worn and weathered steel, could be used on ceramic, stone and metal surfaces in kitchens.

Magma combines raw silk and the pale sheen of brushed steel to create refined interiors.

Fiesta has an iridescent shimmer and can be used to accent interiors or update furniture.

Urban is a refined concrete texture that could be used in kitchens or for furniture.

Canyon has waves finished with crisp edges that look like slate. When merged with wood designs it makes a surface look like petrified wood, according to Sappi.

“Texture and haptics [creating the experience of touch] are important attributes to the surfaces in our lives, and we’re constantly seeking innovative ways to translate new textures through our casting and release papers,” Iris Scharloo, Sappi North America’s marketing director, said in a statement. “We know that what we touch shapes what we feel.”