A Newcastle man went missing Saturday morning while looking for shed moose antlers near Seventh Roach Pond in remote Piscataquis County. Game wardens found him late Saturday night. Credit: Maine Warden Service

A Newcastle man who went missing Saturday morning while looking for shed moose antlers in remote Piscataquis County has been found.

Gregory Schaefer, 63, was looking for shed moose antlers with a group of friends near Seventh Roach Pond in TA R11 WELS to the northeast of Kokadjo when he became lost, according to Cpl. John MacDonald, a spokesman for the Maine Warden Service.

Schaefer’s friends spent a few hours searching for him before calling the warden service about 3 p.m., MacDonald said. Game wardens, assisted by pilot Jeff Spencer, began a search for the missing man.

An hour before dark, game wardens heard a shout in the woods and followed a compass reading to the shore of Seventh Roach Pond. Game wardens fired three shots to signal to Schaefer to attempt a more specific direction. The wardens heard more shouting and used a canoe to cross the pond to Schaefer’s position, MacDonald said.

Schaefer was brought back across the pond, and he was able to hike the remaining 0.3 miles to a nearby road where he was reunited with his wife, MacDonald said.

Seventh Roach Pond is a small body of water located to the north of Big Boardman Mountain and the Appalachian Trail and south of the Nahmakanta Maine Public Reserved Land in Piscataquis County. Together with Alligator Pond, it forms the headwaters of the Roach River, which feeds into Moosehead Lake, according to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.