A photo of Kimberly Moreau sits in a picture frame. Moreau left home with acquaintances in May of 1986 at the age of 17 and hasn't been seen since. Credit: CBS 13

JAY, Maine — It’s been 33 years since Kimberly Moreau disappeared, but her father believes a new tip could help solve the case.

Credit: CBS 13

“We’ll get four, five, six new tips every year,” said Richard Moreau.

He’s a man on a mission.

“All I want to do is bring her home and put her in her final resting place,” he said.

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His daughter, Kimberly, was 17 when vanished without a trace. It was May of 1986, when she got into a car with acquaintances and never came home.

Moreau has been trying to find out what happened to her ever since, by hanging up posters and conducting his own searches, in addition to those done by Maine State Police.

“I feel as the crow flies, she’s within a five-mile radius of where I’m sitting now,” said Moreau, from his home in Jay.

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All of the efforts have turned up nothing, but for the first time, he feels closer to answers than ever.

“This tip here is different than the others,” he said.

Moreau said the tip came from a dying man about a year ago.

“I think he’s trying to clear his mind. He knows he’s terminal,” he said.

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State Police didn’t return messages from CBS 13 on Thursday, but Moreau said investigators don’t believe the information is enough. He disagrees.

He won’t go into details, but said he’s taking matters into his own hands and organizing searches in the immediate area.

“For me, it isn’t about revenge,” he said. “For me, it’s all about just getting her home so that my other two daughters don’t have to continue on with this.”

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He’d also like to lay his daughter to rest near her mother and grandparents. A headstone is already in place.

While Moreau, and the case, are getting older, he says he won’t give up.

“I’m still hopeful we’re gonna find her,” he said. “I think this year could be the year.”