A woman was injured Sunday while hiking on Tumbledown Mountain in Franklin County. She was airlifted to safety by Maine forest rangers. Credit: Maine Forest Service

A Maine Forest Service pilot airlifted a woman who was injured Sunday while hiking on a mountain in Franklin County.

Sarah Carleton, 44, of Freeport injured her knee Sunday afternoon at Tumbledown Pond on Tumbledown Mountain and was unable to walk, said Mark Latti, a spokesman for the Maine Warden Service.

Game wardens led a rescue team, which included members from the Weld and Carthage fire departments, up the mountain. Once the rescue team determined that Carleton could not make the “long, dangerous hike down over steep, uneven terrain,” game wardens called in Maine forest rangers to assist with her rescue, Latti said.

Chief Ranger Pilot John Crowley flew a helicopter from the rangers’ Augusta headquarters to the Franklin County mountain, where he landed on a rocky slope and the injured woman was taken aboard, according to the Maine Forest Service. Carleton was then flown to a waiting Northstar ambulance.

Stan Wilcox, the assistant chief for Weld Fire and Rescue, said the assistance from the forest rangers “saved significant man hours and prevented the need to deploy extra resources for technical rescue had we needed to carry the hiker down.”

“Some superbly fine skill employed by pilot Crowley. The public is fortunate to have such professionals,” Wilcox said in a message shared on the forest service’s Facebook page.

Tumbledown Mountain is a 3,068-foot peak located in Township 6, just north of Weld Township and west of Mount Blue State Park.