James Young Credit: Photo courtesy Maine Department of Corrections

A 69-year-old Bangor man serving a 45-year sentence for murder died at the Maine State Prison Tuesday, state corrections officials confirmed.

James Young passed away at around 7:25 a.m. at the Warren facility, Corrections Commissioner Randall Liberty said in a news release.

Young’s death was attended by prison staff, and the Maine State Police and medical examiner’s office were notified in accordance with department policy, Liberty said. The commissioner did not announce a suspected cause of death.

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Young was convicted in 1993 of fatally shooting his friend, Michael Marshall, 36, during a fishing trip in May of 1992.

Marshall’s remains were found about a month after the crime in the woods near Sabao Lake, close to the Hancock-Washington county line, after a witness who went on the fishing trip with the two men told police about the killing.

Prosecutors at the time said Marshall received Social Security payments, but because of his marijuana use, the checks were sent to Young as Marshall’s “representative payee.” They argued Young killed Marshall for the Social Security money.

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During the 1993 trial, the jury watched a videotaped confession by Young, during which he told investigators: “I shot Mike. I was trashed. I take the blame. I did it.”

Young told police he believed Marshall was going to kill the other man who was on the fishing trip, and he only meant to scare him with the gunshot.

“He pushed my buttons for so many years, and I’d always let it slide, I’d let it slide,” Young said in the confession video played in court, adding: “I have nightmares every night about it, and I still can’t figure out why I did it to him.”

Young was sentenced to prison for murder on June 24, 1993.

Seth Koenig

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