A poster of 17-year-old Kimberly Moreau, who disappeared in May 1986, is seen taped to a telephone pole in Canton on Route 108 in this BDN file photo.

The Maine State Police said they’ve used radar equipment to search for a missing person who was last seen 33 years ago.

The ground-penetrating radar equipment was used Tuesday on Route 4 as part of a search for evidence to help find Kimberly Moreau. Moreau was 17 years old when she was last seen in Jay on the night of May 10, 1986.

A spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety said the radar equipment can spot abnormalities in the ground. The Sun Journal reports data collected in the effort will be analyzed and police will determine whether to go back.

Moreau’s father, Richard Moreau, said the site that was searched is rumored to be where his daughter was buried. He says he remains committed to finding his daughter.