A herring gull emits its raucous cry while perched on the granite shore of Newport Cove in Acadia National Park. Credit: Brian Swartz

Maybe the most valuable lesson a Maine tourist can learn is the following: No item of food is safe from seagulls.

While visiting York’s Nubble Lighthouse on Friday, Washington Post contributor Alicia Jessop attempted to take an innocent photo of her newly acquired lobster roll — only to be seriously interrupted. A seagull swooped in and took hold of Jessop’s tasty snack.

This was bad news for Jessop’s lobster roll, but great news for her Twitter presence. As soon as she tweeted the image, her post went viral.

“This is why we can’t have nice things,” she wrote. “I was trying to take a picture of the lobster roll I ordered in Maine and, well, this happened.”

She told News Center Maine that the moment was a lesson well learned: “It’s kind of embarrassing,” Jessop said. “It was just like a split-second thing. I was so focused on the perfect Instagram picture that I didn’t even notice the seagull coming in.”

Jessop returned to Fox’s Lobster House to get a new lobster roll, which was not taken captive by any aerial thieves. Between the two purchases, she spent about $43 on the lobster rolls.