An evidence bag and latex glove litter the ground in the wooded area where Gregori Jackson, 18, of Whitefield was shot and killed by a Waldoboro police officer in this Sept. 24, 2007, BDN file photo. Credit: Bridget Brown

A Knox County lawmaker and district attorney are urging the state attorney general to reopen a 2007 investigation into a police shooting that led to the death of an 18-year-old man after a traffic stop and foot chase.

The Portland Press Herald reports Attorney General Aaron Frey has agreed to hear a presentation by advocates for the family of Gregori Jackson, who was shot and killed by a Waldoboro reserve police officer almost 12 years ago.

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Shortly after the shooting, Maine’s attorney general at the time, Steven Rowe, ruled the shooting was legally justified.

Independent state Rep. Jeffrey Evangelos said he is pushing for a re-examination of the shooting because the evidence does not support the version of events provided by the police officer. He is supported by District Attorney Natasha Irving.