Katharine Martin-Savage (left) and Jefferson Slack finished first and second in a three-way race for two seats on the Wiscasset Board of Selectmen. Credit: Lincoln County News

Wiscasset voters opted for experience last Tuesday, re-electing Selectman Katharine Martin-Savage and returning former Selectman Jefferson Slack to the board over newcomer Kim Dolce. Voters also approved a part-time planner and all other warrant articles in the annual town meeting by referendum.

Martin-Savage received 320 votes, Slack 261 and Dolce 195.

Voters validated the 2019-2020 education budget, 258-169. The budget totals $9,400,687.48, a decrease of $450,602.48, or 3.93 percent, from the 2018-2019 budget, with $5,986,553.13 to come from property taxes.

Voters previously approved the budget in an open special town meeting.

Other articles approved included: a special referendum ballot to authorize the town to convey an expanded septic system easement for the use of Chewonki Campground and the budgets for the wastewater system, $750,636; contracted services, $197,500; a part-time planner, $28,000; and the comprehensive plan committee, $20,000.

The overall 2019-2020 municipal budget, which includes the $5.99 million for education, totals $11,998,169, an increase of 1.44 percent.

Michael Dunn and Jason Putman were re-elected to the school committee. William Maloney was elected to the budget committee for a three-year term. Robert Blagden and Judy Flanagan were written in to fill the other two three-year terms.

David Flynn was elected for a two-year term on the budget committee, with Blagden and Flanagan written in fill the other two slots; Blagden was also written in to fill a one-year term on the budget committee.

Dean Shea was elected to a three-year term on the Wiscasset Water District board of trustees, and Greg Wood was written in to fill the second available seat.

The Wiscasset Board of Selectmen will hold a special meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday to elect its chair and swear in the newly elected and re-elected selectmen.

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