Bear, a 155 pound St. Bernard, poses for a picture with firefighters from South Portland's Ladder 46 after they helped him down from his rooftop perch on Wednesday. Credit: South Portland Fire Department

Firefighting can be a hard and dangerous job. For South Portland’s firefighters, Wednesday was a particularly “ruff” day.

Credit: South Portland Fire Department

South Portland firefighters were called to a Main Street building about noon after they received a call about a dog stuck on a roof, according to the South Portland Fire Department. But this wasn’t a Pomeranian in need of a helping hand — it was a 155 pound St. Bernard.

The St. Bernard, named Bear, managed to break through a second-floor window and got stuck on the roof above an entryway to Rolando’s Redemption Center, the Portland Press Herald reports.

“It’s been a ruff day for the SPFD. Ladder 45 was called today around noon for a dog stuck on a roof. Ladder 45s crew was able to get our furry friend a 155lbs St. Bernard named Bear off the roof and into the bucket and given back to his owner,” the South Portland Fire Department wrote in a Facebook post.

[Maine firefighter rescues pooch from rooftop perch]

Bear, who a firefighter described as friendly to the Press Herald, was apparently so “thankful” for the help that he wanted his picture taken with his heroes.

Credit: South Portland Fire Department

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