Sick of the Belfast doomsday stories

There are many reasons that Belfast community members are hesitant to say out loud that they fully support Nordic Aquafarms. As I’ve heard from some, the reason is that they own a small business and are afraid that by taking a stand, they may lose business. Others have declined to have their name printed in the paper because they don’t want to cause problems with friends or neighbors. Others are afraid to display yard signs in support because of possible retribution. I sympathize with these people.

They tell me that they are glad that some of us are speaking out and keeping the facts straight. They tell me that they absolutely support Nordic but are afraid to publicly say so.

I believe the majority of the people in Belfast and beyond do support this incredible opportunity, but have remained the silent majority while watching the antics of the opponents over the past 18 months. The silent majority is slowly finding their voice. As more and more of us reach the point of frustration and downright dismay over the constant slamming of a company that has been open and up front with their information since the beginning, we are beginning to speak out even though we are uncomfortable doing so.

Maybe some of what I have said speaks to you. If you are one of the silent majority who supports Nordic Aquafarms, aquaculture and the future, please consider speaking up and making that known. I‘m really sick of the negativity and doomsday stories. How about you?

Diane Braybrook


Change our energy sources

According to Parley for the Oceans,“…By 2025 all the coral reef ecosystems in the world will be gone. Leading environmentalists see the end of most sea life happening within the next 6–16 years.”

If we change our energy sources to carbon neutral ones, like wind, nuclear, and solar, we can change this deadline.

Wind power is a renewable, clean source. Wind turbines can create power on land or at sea. Additionally, wind can boost economy. According to the Wind Vision Repor t from the US Department of Energy, wind has the potential to support more than 600,000 jobs by 2050.

Nuclear powers 55 percent of the clean energy in the US, according to A 2013 piece in Time Magazine said, “Coal plants contribute to the deaths of 14,000 Americans alone each year. The climatologist James Hansen … published a study earlier this year arguing that nuclear power has prevented the deaths of more than 1.8 million people from air pollution by replacing fossil fuel power.”

Solar energy is beneficial due to its price. The sun has existed forever, and its power is renewable.

These three energy sources will bring us into a sustainable future. How will we change our actions to help future generations?

Greta Holmes


Hampden should join call for carbon fee bill

The town of Hampden is to be commended for it’s foresight, leadership and planning of future development that is environmentally sensitive, sustainable and uses clean energy. The high school with a geothermal heating and cooling system, the use of low carbon pavement to maintain roadways, and exploring solar options for the town are a few examples.

Concerned town residents and students met with the planning and development committee June 6 asking for the council to sign a resolution endorsing HR 763, the energy innovation carbon fee and dividend bill in the US House of Representatives. This idea is currently endorsed by 130 other municipalities across the US. In Maine, Portland, Bangor, Brunswick, Fairfield, Harpswell and Vinalhaven have endorsed the bill to date. The carbon fee and dividend proposal is revenue-neutral, good for the people, good for the economy and bipartisan.

After much discussion, the resolution was tabled for further review by the council. We trust the Hampden Town Council will issue a proclamation that strongly urges Congress to enact the bipartisan-supported carbon fee and dividend bill in order to reduce CO2-equivalent emissions to 10 percent of 1990 levels and encourage similar actions by other nations trading with the United States, and to implement this policy with speed appropriate to the gravity and urgency of the situation, in recognition of the benefits that will be realized by a transition to clean energy.

Theresa Hainer

Hampden Academy class 1973