In this June 13, 2019 photo, a migrant woman sleeps on a cot inside the Portland Exposition Building in Portland, Maine. Credit: Elise Amendola | AP

WESTBROOK — Westbrook city councilors will consider assisting Portland with incoming asylum seekers at Monday’s meeting.

This follows South Portland’s meeting on the issue last week.

Councilors there considered spending thousands of dollars in an effort to help the city next door.

Nicole Alfreds, a Westbrook resident, says her city should play a part in helping the asylum seekers.

“Everybody has their own opinions but we should help anybody that really needs the help, you know?” Alfreds said.

According to the Portland city officials, 201 asylum seekers stayed in the Expo overnight.

Some Westbrook residents say they’re concerned with how their tax dollars would be affected by their involvement.

Cindi Stultz says she has mixed feelings and would want to voice them in the city council meeting.

“I think the people should be able to have some say in that. Portland made this decision and I think the people of Westbrook need to have a say in that,” Stultz said.

The City of Portland set up a “text-to-donate” line for monetary donations (text EXPO to 91999). For more information and other ways to donate, click here.