Credit: Courtesy of Laurie Mullens

WHITEFIELD – The gravestone of a Whitefield teen was vandalized days before the anniversary of his death.

This Sunday marks five years since young Ryan Mullens was killed in an ATV crash, and every year family comes to this gravestone to honor his life, but if wasn’t for one call, a visit to the cemetery could have been a painful sight to see.

Mullens’ grandmother said she was notified by the owner of the cemetery that the gravesite had been vandalized. She added that she arrived to find probably six dozen eggs thrown on and around the stone.

The family immediately reported it to the law enforcement. According to Mullens’ grandmother, the sheriff’s office believes it was personal, but she can’t wrap her head around why someone would do this.

“Even personal, where does that hate and evil come from? Because that was hate and evil to do that to somebody’s resting place, to a 16-year-old kid’s resting place with his grandfather,” grandmother Laurie Mullens said.

The family is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone with information on who might have done this.