Credit: WGME

MINOT — Dozens of crops have been destroyed, and now a farm in Minot is looking for the person who may have driven through their garden.

Matt Manson showed up to work Thursday to find dozens of tomato plants ruined after a car drove through Blackie’s Farm garden. He said this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“Every year it happens, so it was not a big surprise,” Manson said. “Came to work and saw that someone had driven in the field, plants were run over.”

Manson has seen six vehicles drive through the garden over the past few years.

He said based on where the intersection is and where these tracks are, it looks like someone ran a stop sign at Jackson Hill and Center Minot Hill Roads.

“It is a pain, but it’s a busy intersection and you see the cars going by,” Manson said. “They’re flying. So with the cell phones and distracted driving it doesn’t surprise me at all.”

The driver also left some clues behind.

“A few car parts, piece of the air box, some bumper pieces, we’d like to get the signage replaced over here and put back up that they knocked down,” Manson said.

He believes this was an accident, but the damage means the farm will have to pay for repairs.

“We’ll have to fix it up and put new plastic just over these sections, and luckily we still got a few seedlings so we’ll get those back in there,” Manson said.

He hopes the driver will return.

“Come on back up,” Manson said. “Get your parts. I’m sure you got to fix your car, you know? There’s some piece there that are still whole that they probably could use on your vehicle.”

Manson says he’s not looking for money, just an apology.

“Say ‘Hey, you know I had an accident,’ and that’s it,” Manson said.