Congressional no-shows

I was selected by the Friends of the World War II Memorial for their teachers conference July 16-20 that included breakfast inside the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Most of the states sent at least a staffer, and most had a member of Congress attend this breakfast.

It was embarrassing for Maine that I was one of a few participants to have no one from their state there. I sat alone with my Maine flag as Representative Mast (Florida), Representative Hartzler (Missouri), and Representative McEachin (Virginia) came by and chatted with us.

It was embarrassing for Maine to have not even a staffer show up for 10 minutes. What a lesson to bring back to my students that Rep. Chellie Pingree, Rep. Jared Golden, Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Angus King are apparently all so busy — or perhaps apathetic about education and/or World War II — that they couldn’t find the time to show up. I feel it is an offense to teachers and students in Maine. A friend asked if I was surprised. I said yes, but I followed it with “but I guess I shouldn’t be”.

Shane Gower
Social Studies Teacher, Maranacook Community High School

Additional concern about Kennedy case

Regarding the horrific murder of Marissa Kennedy and the BDN story from July 23, I want to express my concern about not finding in the BDN articles any mention of the possibility of sexual abuse by the parents. Sexual exploitation is common through torture and pornography, and should have been explored and ruled out by the investigators (police, Attorney General’s office and the medical examiner), and at least mentioned by the BDN reporters.

Robert Gossart
Salisbury Cove

Adopt an animal

Recently I adopted a 3-year-old Siamese cat from a rescue up north. Heidi is beautiful. She is also frightened from being kept in a cage most of her life for the sole purpose of producing kittens to sell. Her cage was so small that she had to sleep in her litter box. She is slowly learning to trust, and now she purrs when I stroke her back. This is a major breakthrough for a cat that never felt or sensed a kind word or touch.

Eventually she will be able to have the life she so richly deserves. It will take weeks, maybe even months, before she fully relaxes and realizes she is home at last. Please help end the suffering of dogs and cats who spend their lives living in fear and loneliness. If you want to bring a dog or cat into your home, please contact the many rescue facilities throughout Maine. These animals can’t ask for help but we most certainly can offer them a home and a chance at happiness. Don’t buy, adopt — you won’t regret it.

Sandra Goodwin

The cause of the border crisis

Why do we not have the will to try and fix the root cause of the “Border Crisis?” Everyone knows that the vast majority of these people are coming here out of desperation. They obviously are running from their homes out of fear for what will happen to them and their families if they remain. Much like the Irish ran from starvation during the Potato Famine, the Jews from the Holocaust, countless others from different forms of oppression or natural disasters.

Should we as a nation invade these troubled countries to bring order and defeat the crime gangs that seem to have control of them?

The tragedy seems that many of us are willing to be sitting in what is the lifeboat and kicking drowning people back into the flood waters but are unwilling to do anything about the cause of the flood.

Thomas Bonner