Credit: Dreamstime | TNS

An Oakland teen has been charged in connection with a crime that Belfast police describe as involving a pickup truck, intoxication, two portable toilets and a bad idea.

Tyler Stover, 18, was arrested and charged with aggravated criminal mischief and reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon. The dangerous weapon allegedly employed was his truck, according to Belfast police Chief Mike McFadden, who said that at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday, July 25, Stover and a group of friends gathered on Front Street close to portable toilets placed near the end of the Armistice Footbridge. Stover apparently had been drinking, police said.

“The friends wanted to watch Mr. Stover ram his pickup truck into the outhouses,” McFadden said. “In his condition, that sounded like a reasonable thing to do.”

Several of the people present used their phones to record the truck hitting the outhouses, the chief said. Police later received an anonymous tip about it and were able to review some of the footage. They identified Stover and went to Oakland on Saturday to arrest him.

One of the portable toilets was completely wrecked, McFadden said, while the other required repairs. The incident caused more than $3,000 worth of damage to the movable outhouses.

“For the rest of us, the contents of the porta-potties was worse,” he said. “The company that owned the porta-potties came and cleaned up the mess created by Mr. Stover, which was not a particularly enjoyable task.”