When those dog days of summer come around, very little beats a trip to the local swimming hole or pool to cool off. Even a moose, it turns out, will hit the pool when the mercury rises — or, at least, attempt to.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reports that a Farmington resident heard a neighbor’s chickens “making a racket” Tuesday morning. Since her neighbors were away, she went to investigate to see what had the chickens riled up.

It turns out the source of the commotion was a 400-pound young bull moose in the backyard pool.

Farmington police Chief Jay Drury told Foster’s Daily Democrat that the moose may have fallen into the pool while either looking for a drink or a dip to cool off.

The pool at the Morning Dove Lane home had only about a foot of water in it, and the homeowners had been thinking about filling in the pool, the Daily Democrat reports.

Officers who responded to the neighbor’s call summoned New Hampshire Fish and Game, but by the time wildlife officials arrived, the young moose managed to climb up the pool’s stairs on its own, the Union Leader reports.

“I’m glad it had a happy ending,” Drury told the Daily Democrat. “If the moose didn’t get itself out of the pool, it was going to become quite a job to extract it. … I could see it becoming quite a project, but I guess moose knew how to use stairs.”

The police chief told the Daily Democrat that moose sightings are common in the swampy area near the neighborhood, but it was the first time in a couple years when his officers encountered a moose in town.

Refreshed or not, the moose wandered off in the end.

“It strolled away. It was in no rush to go anywhere,” Drury told the Union Leader.