Some of the Pekin ducks that are running loose in Heather Tenan's feed store in Calais amble over some supplies. Credit: Courtesy of Heather Tenan

Heather Tenan has a dozen Pekin ducks running around her feed store, and she doesn’t want to get stuck with them.

The owner of C&E Feeds in Calais is having some trouble finding the man who ordered the rambunctious mallards so she can let him know his order has arrived. She took to social media Wednesday to ask for help in locating the customer.

A woman who was clerking at C&E when the customer called in the order a few weeks ago recently left the store to move to Portland and told Tenan that she did not know what happened to the customer’s order form.

Credit: Courtesy of Heather Tenan

“All we know is the guy lives in Lubec, owns a plane, talks incessantly about the loss of his own ducks and how a raccoon ate them,” Tenan said. “So the ducks are running around the store, in need of a home.”

It isn’t the first time Tenan has been stuck with an animal. They have also taken in puppies, she said.

Probably the most unusual incident occurred when one customer drove all the way from Virginia to her store with a parrot. The man did not want to continue to travel with the bird, and he was headed back to Virginia.

Tenan agreed to take the animal in and care for it until the man arrived home and she could send it to him special delivery, she said.