FILE - In this August 2018 file photo, a lobsterman tends to his traps off Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The harvest of crustaceans in America’s biggest lobstering state is usually in full swing by July, but fishermen say they aren’t catching much.(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File) Credit: Robert F. Bukaty | AP

Fisherman John McInnes caught a very special lobster in the Casco Bay near Portland yesterday. This particular lobster is a remarkable catch for two reasons: It’s the color of cotton candy and this is, apparently, not the first time McInnes has encountered it.

“I caught it last October, and it was too small to keep, and then I caught it again,” McInnes told CNN. “It was probably a mile and a half away from where I let it go. It didn’t go far.”

The vibrantly colored lobster has a blue, pink and purple shell, which is quite different from the brown hue seen on most of its cohort. McInnes is not preparing to keep this find to himself and is certainly not planning to eat it; he is keeping it in a holding tank and hopes to donate the lobster to an aquarium.

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Last summer, Portland restaurant Scales caught a cotton candy lobster last year that they named “Blue Betty.” The odds of catching a lobster like this are one in 100, the news source reported then, so the Scales chef released his find.