This image released by Paramount Pictures shows Jeté Laurence in a scene from "Pet Sematary." Credit: Kerry Hayes | AP via Paramount Pictures

The internet’s reaction to the release of the “Cats” trailer last month was a mixture of confusion, amusement and flat-out horror. Digital fur technology? Cats with very realistic human anatomy? Cats, which already have fur, wearing fur coats? It was all truly disorienting. No matter how catchy many of the songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s unkillable Broadway show are, the fact remains that it is a very, very weird subject for a musical.

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How better to capture that sense of “something is wrong here” than by mashing up the “Cats” trailer with the cinematic world of Stephen King? “Pet Sematary,” to be specific, which of course features a similarly unnerving cat.

Watch this brilliant piece of internet magic here.

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Amazingly, the scenes from “Cats” fit perfectly into many of the scenes from “Pet Sematary,” as well as a few other King movies featured in the mashup. Stephen King himself tweeted out his “appreciation” for the video.

Did you see the “Pet Sematary” remake? Will you see “Cats”? Did you find it as upsetting (and yet irresistible) as I did? Comment below.

“Cats” is out on Dec. 20, 2019.

Emily Burnham

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