An employee found this plastic bag on a shelf in the toy aisle of a Madawaska store on Sunday. Police determined that the bag contained methamphetamine. Credit: Madawaska Police Department

A Madawaska store employee notified police on Sunday after finding a suspicious bag on a shelf in the toy aisle. The bag contained a crystalline substance that police determined to be methamphetamine.

The bag containing the meth was decorated with smiley faces and was located on a lower shelf of the toy aisle, within easy reach of children, according to Madawaska police Chief Ross Dubois.

“It looked like it had been used but there was still enough in the bag to test. There would have been enough left in the bag to cause some issues if any child had gotten some hands on it and thought it was candy,” Dubois said.

Police are investigating to determine who left the bag of meth on the store shelf, and Dubois said the person or people responsible will face criminal charges.

The Madawaska Police Department has asked in a Facebook post for the public’s help in determining how the meth ended up on the store shelf.

“Meth users are usually not known for making the best life decisions, but to show a complete selfish and calloused behavior toward the safety of our children is unacceptable,” the post reads.

Dubois asks that anyone with information about this incident contact the Madawaska Police Department at (207) 728-6356.

This story was originally published in the Fiddlehead Focus.