Kathleen Clemons and her sister-in-law, Nancy Curtis-Strange, known locally as the "Lobster Ladies," are retiring after 42 years of selling lobsters. Credit: CBS 13

A tradition that has gone on for decades is coming to an end in Brunswick.

The “Lobster Ladies” sold their last batch Saturday after running their business for 42 years.

Kathleen Clemons and her sister-in-law, Nancy Curtis-Strange, said it’s a bittersweet goodbye after getting to know so many customers over the years.

“I’m just trying to keep busy so I don’t get too emotional about it. This has been a passion,” Curtis-Strange said.

Clemons said she started selling lobsters with her then-boyfriend while she was in college.

“I had not even held a lobster at the time. First time I picked one up I threw it,” Clemons said.

Now married to the same man, she has been fishing them out of her truck every Saturday.

Curtis-Strange helps with the money.

“It’s been a really fun job. A really fun job but it’s time,” Clemons said.

The two women are off to pursue photography and painting.

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