A man enjoys a cigarette during his smoke break in downtown Bangor in this May 21, 2015, file photo. Credit: Ashley L. Conti

Saco city councilors have voted to ban all tobacco products in public spaces.

In a unanimous decision, Saco city councilors decided that all tobacco products, including vaping, will no longer be allowed in public parks, playgrounds and beaches.

“It ensures safety for the kids and spectators and folks enjoying the day to not have to deal with second hand smoke and not have to deal with that being around,” Saco Parks and Recreation Director Ryan Sommer said.

Sommer said it’s a ban that should have been created years ago.

“Without having the ordinance, it’s tough to ask somebody to leave. This gives us the opportunity to say, ‘Please put it out,’” Sommer said.

The ordinance states if someone doesn’t leave the location after a verbal warning, police could get involved.

Sommer sid the city hasn’t received much push back on the limitations, but not all are on board.

“We want to begin to tap that down and deter people instead of encouraging them to do it,” Sommer said.