Disappointed in Golden’s response on guns

For those of you old enough to remember the cartoon Pogo, you might remember his mantra: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” It seems a fitting statement for today’s world.

A few months ago our United States Congressman, Democrat Jared Golden, was in Bar Harbor. Along with 40 or so constituents, I went to hear what he had to say. I approached him and said I was interested in his view on guns. It was a meet-and-greet, no speeches. I was concerned because a few weeks earlier he had voted “no” on a gun background check bill that had been put to a vote in Congress. To add ammunition to my question, I mentioned that a friend of mine, a Vietnam War veteran, had told me he didn’t think assault rifles have a place in civilized society. Rep. Golden, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to agree with us.

I asked why he had voted “no” on the recent background checks bill. He said it went too far.

I asked what his plan was to stop the slaughter of Americans. I was particularly concerned about children who now go to school fearful. The impression he gave me was that he does not have a plan. I am still in shock over that conversation.

As a nation we offer platitudes: heart-felt sympathy and prayers. No actual response to meet the threat. We seem leaderless and powerless to address this challenge. America has lost its way; we certainly are not becoming great.

Judith Burger-Gossart
Salsbury Cove

Caution about socialized medicine

Just something to think about for all the folks who think socialized medicine is the answer to our health care issues: My wife and I recently spent 10 days in Maritime Canada. During our short stay, two hospital emergency rooms were temporarily closed with no idea when they would reopen. The reason: there were no doctors available.

Those folks like myself who are opposed to any government-run health care system are concerned that doctors will leave the medical field or not pursue it at all. We are currently experiencing a shortage of nurses — and it seems doctors as well — as many healthcare facilities including mine are filling the ranks with nurse practitioners and physician assistants as opposed to doctors. Are doctors leaving the field, or moving on to more lucrative options? I don’t know. Do you?

Leo H. Mazerall Jr.
Stockton Springs

We must change course

If our world is in complete disarray, let’s look at what surrounds us today.

Climate change has become the new religion of progressive choice, and environmental concern is the new moral issue demanding citizen involvement. We should be good stewards of God’s earth. But in no way does that diminish our grave responsibility to uphold and fight for the sanctity of human life in all its stages.

When the killing of approximately 60 million unborn babies since the passage of Roe v. Wade hardly gets our collective dander up, something is drastically wrong! Why? Because society has had 50 years of conditioning to accept abortion as “health care” for women!

Constant hype from our media — and collaboration even from some of our churches — reflects the tragedy of such liberal “spoon-feeding” to the public.

Our value system is decaying more and more, year after year. However, this is what happens when we as a people try to negate God out of our lives. Only more of the same will follow unless we change course.

Pat Truman