Susan Collins at Bangor Rotary

The Rotary Club of Bangor meets each Tuesday for lunch. We discuss plans for our upcoming service projects and other community issues and most weeks we invite a guest speaker to join us. We’re fortunate that Sen. Susan Collins, an honorary Bangor Rotarian, lives just about a block from our meeting place and was able to join us recently. Her subject was the economy, focusing particularly on positive trends and specific drivers related to the Maine economy.

As usual, the questions and answers covered all kinds of topics — from the environment, to prescription drugs, to what we need to do to keep our young people here in Maine. One question prompted her to describe how she views her role as a senator, which reminded us of her work ethic, ability to work with all and her commitment to civility in our politics.

On my way out, I recognized a reporter from the Bangor Daily News in the back of the room. Good, I thought. And not just because I was glad our Rotary was getting some attention.

The next day, I read the paper and didn’t see anything about our meeting with Collins. Nothing the following day either. And there has been nothing since.

I’m disappointed and surprised that there has been no coverage given the attendance of the reporter. It’s a good story of a significant community event covering issues important to all of us here in Maine.

Clifton Eames


Response to tax OpEd

A recent OpEd in the BDN about the oligarchy’s taxes is misleading. As a faculty brat in 1952, I attended an Eisenhower campaign speech at Carleton College. Ike won, and during his administration, the highest tax bracket paid something in the order of 91 percent. They didn’t go hungry, naked, or without shelter after paying those taxes. In those days, we built the interstate highway system, and a middle-class child could pay the tuition at a state university with the income from a summer job.

In my opinion, Eisenhower was the last good Republican president — his successors have been little more than the house-servants of the hereditary oligarchy.

William Leavenworth


What bothers me more than Lyme disease

I read Sen. Susan Collins’ OpEd about tick-borne illnesses with interest. I agree with her 100 percent. I am in my second bout with Lyme disease. To be sure, Lyme disease is awful. The pain and fatigue are debilitating.

But I would rather have Lyme disease than Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. It is time for Collins to go.

Elizabeth Grunko

Chebeague Island

Hang up the scam calls

Answering the telephone is hardly worth the aggravation. It has turned into an instrument of scams, aggression and harassment. Last Saturday, I received five phone calls informing me that my computer address was being terminated. Today, I got a recording from “the Social Security Administration” saying there were multiple criminal charges against me, an arrest warrant was about to be served, my Social Security Card was being suspended and my bank accounts would be frozen. I blocked this phone number, and just got the same recording from a different number. Then, there was the preapproval for $200,000 of credit. None of these calls made any attempt to verify my identity as the targeted party. Sound familiar?

What is being done about it? At one time, I had a number to call to report these scams, but was eventually told to purchase a blocking device. If there are blocking applications available, the phone companies should be protecting its customers with them.

These assaults are threatening and surely cause mental distress for the more vulnerable. There should be warnings available about the types of scams being perpetrated. Criminal activity shouldn’t be ignored.

Stephanie Strongin