Credit: St. Joseph Healthcare

After months of planning, St. Joseph Healthcare’s first-ever Commit to Get Fit 5K/10K is less than two weeks away. The race, which promotes encouraging the community to be more active, is set for Sunday.

There have been months of planning and promotion for the event and there have been no bigger internal champions of the race effort than St. Joseph’s medical providers.

Whether in primary care or within a specialty department, St. Joe’s providers strive to promote, encourage and help their patients live healthier and more active lives. David Koffman, M.D., is among the providers who care deeply for their patients and the Bangor community, and they have gotten behind the efforts of the first ever Commit to Get Fit.

Koffman has been encouraging patients to sign up for the Commit or, if they’re not ready for a 5K just yet, helping them create a plan to get more active in a way that is meaningful to them. Koffman has been providing care to patients in Greater Bangor for more than 20 years, and as someone who enjoys being active and making time for exercise, he is a wonderful example for his patients.

“Staying physically active is so important for your well-being. Your physical condition, but also your mental and emotional health, are greatly improved by getting, and staying, active,” Koffman said. “In fact, a recent study showed that 30 minutes of daily walking markedly improves chronic pain.”

“The Commit is a wonderful event for St. Joe’s to run. There are options for all levels of fitness, and I encourage people to get involved,” he added.

Koffman said he feels a great sense of satisfaction when he’s been able to help patients take steps to live a healthier life. He will be at the start/finish line of the Commit, not running but as a volunteer — encouraging and celebrating each participant.

“Whether it’s their first 5K or they’re regularly out running 10K distances, everyone deserves to feel like they’ve achieved something big at the Commit. And I’m excited to be able to be there and congratulate them as they cross the line!” Koffman said.

There is still time to register to take part in the Commit to Get Fit as a walker, runner or as a volunteer. Find out more at