Lewiston High School sign in Lewiston, Maine. Credit: Courtesy of WGME

LEWISTON, Maine — The school year is well underway now, but one district is still hurting for teachers.

According to the new superintendent in Lewiston, there were about 40 teacher openings at the beginning of the school year.

They are still looking for 27 teachers.

He attributes to the shortage to multiple things, including the state labor shortage, finding qualified applicants who are certified and adding 20 new teaching positions, but he says students in Lewiston are still getting a quality education.

“If you look at 27 teaching openings when we have over 600 teachers, it’s a very small percentage of teachers, but of course it would make a better experience for our learners and for other teachers as well, so if we can attain that goal of getting there over the course of the year, of course it lightens the load for everybody, but it’s not as though we have kids that are not being taught,” Lewiston Superintendent Todd Finn said.

In addition to the teaching openings, there are nearly 60 ed-tech positions and 18 other job openings that might be maintenance or other staff positions.