The weekly Windham Eagle is no longer printing the local police arrest log after receiving threats. Credit: CBS 13

After getting threats and angry comments, a local newspaper will no longer publish the arrest log in its weekly edition.

Instead of printing the Windham police arrest log this week, the Windham Eagle printed a statement, saying, “Due to recent events and personal threats toward the Windham Eagle newspaper and its staff, it has been decided to no longer publish Cop Shop.”

“We did receive actual threats,” Publisher Kelly Mank said. “Specifically, something against my husband and our children, and again, it’s just not something that makes it worth it for us.”

Mank said people whose names were in the police log would also come to the paper’s office and yell at them.

“It was everything from nasty, nasty people thinking it was our fault that they got OUIs and their boss now knows about it, to people thinking that they were guilty before they even got a chance to have a court date,” Mank said.

“For the safety of, like she said, her family and the staff, it just became not worth it anymore,” Sales Manager Melissa Carter said.

The Windham Eagle is now taking heat for no longer printing the police arrest log. No one’s coming in and screaming and yelling about it, but the paper is being criticized online.

“We’re not giving into those bullies,” Mank said.

Mank said all the negativity from Cop Shop no longer aligned with their mission of positive, solutions-based news.

“It kind of saddens me a little bit,” Managing Editor Lorraine Glowczak said.

The managing editor said the paper published the names of everyone in the Windham police log, which is a public record, and not the paper’s fault.

“You’re the one who is accountable for your life. So don’t get arrested and your name won’t be in the paper,” Glowczak said.