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After news emerged this week that a local newspaper in Windham decided to stop publishing its police log after its publisher received threats, BDN readers had a lot to say about police logs.

Readers had a variety of opinions that they shared in the comment sections. Here’s what you had to say:

Michelle_Bright: “I suppose I could understand this decision and respect it, as long as they intend on publishing the court news. But do they? From what I understand when reading this article, they don’t intend on reporting the court news either. If people want a ‘good news’-only newspaper, maybe that should be a separate paper altogether.”

jonboy2: “If you don’t want your name in the court news, abide by society’s rules and don’t get arrested. Very simple. It is called ‘accountability’ for one’s actions. Be responsible and do the ‘right’ thing, even if no one is watching.

“Don’t blame the reporter for presenting the facts in an unbiased format. The public has a right to know if there are criminals in any given area. Make no mistake, if you do something to get yourself in the court news, you are a criminal on some level.

“To the news reporters, go forth and report the facts as they are and in a neutral manner. No need to inform the reading public of your personal ideas or feelings on any given subject. Honestly, I care not about your views on any subject. I respectfully request you to be forthcoming and unbiased in your reporting.”

Kathleen_Rogers: “A former babysitter appeared in the police log of our local paper for OUI, driving with children (not mine) in her car. Had I never run across this information I might have continued to hire her, thereby putting my kids at risk.”

More conversation starters from the week’s top news

CBD is in gas stations and even clothing. Mainers should know some facts before buying it.

TrainguyJim: “I had high hopes for CBD to help with my back pain. I have heard all the talk, all the people’s claims. So I tried it for a month. It didn’t do anything for me. I’m disappointed.”

What to do when you feel you’ve been cheated by your firewood supplier

Robert_Finlay: “A bit misleading. 128 cubic feet is the size of the stacked pile, not the cubic feet of wood. Theoretically a round single log, 4′ in diameter, and 8 feet long is a “cord of wood.

“At any rate, good reminder to buyers. Don’t buy ‘Face Cords…’ no such thing. Measure the wood before you pay if you are in doubt. That requires stacking it, and most people don’t do that on the day of delivery. An honest dealer will make things right with a customer.

“I had a firewood business 29 years ago, and besides being a lot of work, it was difficult dealing with people who didn’t understand how a cord is measured. We had a truck with an 8′ x 8′ box on it, and we piled the wood 5′ high and level in that box. It was good measure, and quality wood. Had zero complaints about our measure.”

upnorth21: “I love the comments that purport people really aren’t being cheated, they just don’t understand how to measure. The reality is that Maine is full of two bit chislers. If [they] can cheat you, they will.”

Maine astronaut Jessica Meir will take part in first all-female spacewalk

watchdog1: “Congratulations to Ms. Meir on this great achievement. Becoming an astronaut has to be one of the most difficult goals a person could seek to fulfill. Wow!

“On another note; gosh will I be glad when we stop having ‘firsts’ to describe someone achieving a difficult goal. You know, The first (female, black, blind person, deaf person, trans/gay/lesbian/bi person, quad, mixed race, etc.) to achieve (some particular goal). Having so many ‘firsts’ and then feeling the need to take note of that ‘first’ just brings to mind how far we have yet to go when it comes to equality. Sigh… I find it sad that we have ‘firsts’.”

Lewiston’s fight against its ‘truly uncooperative’ landlords

riffraff: “This piece is pretty accurate. I spend one day a week in Lewiston doing insurance risk management, and have been for 12 years. I have inspected every building mentioned in this story, and spent too much time with landlords like Joe Dunne. Things are changing, for sure. There is a lot of back story not mentioned here, with a lot of poor financing decisions made by landlords. $150,000 for a 6 unit building is cheap, but not if you have three mortgages on the same property. Rents are up, and the slumlords are on the way out. Lewiston is being gentrified. The rents are close to surpassing the section 8 rates, and when they do there will be a mass migration of subidized tenants out of LA and into Rumford? Waterville? Augusta? In 20 years Lewiston is going to look like Portland. Bank on it. ”

patom1: “Maybe before buildings can be rented for tenants. They should be inspected to insure that they meet safety standards. If they do not then the landlords will have to invest enough money to fix the safety standards or sell the building to someone who will or maybe not go into the business of being a slum lord in the first place.”

A Belfast man says post-Dorian Bahamas was ‘twice as bad’ as photos showed

Gift_Horse: “Kudos to Larry Jones for having the courage to go down to the Bahamas and try to help. I saw what Hurricane Andrew did to homes that were in the eyewall for 2 hours, let alone up to 36 hours with Dorian. I wonder where is the money going to come from to attempt to rebuild as I’m sure most of the homes weren’t insurable. They are looking at billions. It might be better to bulldoze most of the island, create a landfill and try to utilize the land that is left. This might be similar to the 9th Ward projects in NOLA.”

A major Hollywood studio has bought this Bangor native’s screenplay

Kathleen_Rogers: “I love hearing stories like these! Amazing young man. Having lived and worked in Hollywood for much of my life, this is an outstanding achievement. Go get ’em, Mr. Pittis, give ol’ Stephen King a run for his money!”

A Hancock man who chainsawed letters into a pencil is retiring from live shows

Bernice_Faloon: “I am a great fan of Ray and his art. I started out by taking the tour inside his bus many, many years ago. Then returning to his parking area one summer, found it was empty, no bus no Ray; I truly was disappointed ….. a few years later, entirely by accident I happened upon his new place. And yup, there along side was the missing bus. Well, I had been telling different people about him and this extraordinary feat that he performs with, get this, chainsaws. So, I kind of interviewed him. I took many pictures, with his permission naturally, and even met his grandson. I even have photo of them together, somewhere in my collections. And he even spoke of an article being written about him and his artform. So, again, I asked and he happily agreed; so I also have a photo of his grandson standing aside his grandfather holding that book that contains that very article of the totally practically unbelievable work that this man can and does create with, yes, I have seen it done and all the results of his talent, with chainsaws…the interior walls of his shop are covered with cutouts in varying degrees of difficulty.. from simple to elaborate…. his craft can still been seen throughout the area as people had commissioned him to create pieces to display at various locations. They are a great tourist attraction as well as a testament to the indeed talent of one Mr. Ray Murphy….”

Bangor police help drivers set up hands-free Bluetooth in their cars

Mehmet99: “Another option that I haven’t read or hear from anyone is: DON’T USE THE PHONE AT ALL when you’re driving. Put it in the glove compartment or…. LEAVE IT AT HOME!

“Also, I wish the police department would put as much effort into combating jaywalking. The culture here has become that people think that they can cross the street at any point, even against the light or in the middle of the block, both of which are dangerous and illegal.”

I can be a cranky landowner, but I’d rather keep my land open to respectful hunters

New2ME: “I love Julia’s wry sense of humor and kindness. We need more kindness and respectfulness in our world today. Thanks for a good read.”

UMaine unveils the largest object in the world made by a 3D printer — a boat

johnfrombangor: “Such a great demonstration of stretching what’s possible, trying new ideas, all right here at home! The State of Maine REALLY needs to do many many more projects with the University , especially tidal power and offshore wind power! Way to go umo.”

hdwrenchsc1: “The capability of this machine to 3D print and also perform standard machining previously done on CNC lathes and milling machines is impressive. Combining the capability of additive manufacturing and CNC machining in one machine will surely save on production costs. It’s very cool this is happening at UMO.”

Half of Olympia Sports stores to close after sale to California firm

Gift_Horse: “Well, here comes another empty storefront in Belfast next to Reny’s. Maybe if Belfast had an Economic Development Director that actually did his job, we wouldn’t have a growing number of empty spaces. Since he was the guru for developing the “new” City website, he forgot to create a searchable data base for empty space which had facts about SF, lease requirements, etc.”

A Maine angler thought he hooked bottom, but it was a monstrous splake

huckfin: “Cool story I’ve never even seen a Splake much less caught one Congrats Mr Leavitt.”

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