Standish paramedics delivered a baby along the side of the road Tuesday morning. Credit: CBS 13 | WGME

A Standish mom and dad are proud parents Tuesday night of a very eager little girl.

Standish paramedics delivered the newborn as they pulled over on Main Street in Gorham.

Just after 6 a.m. Tuesday, four Standish paramedics picked up mom and dad and started rushing to the hospital.

“We were commenting and joking to lighten the mood, ‘We’re gonna make it, we’re gonna make it’ and I think dad’s face at one point was like, ‘OK, we’re not gonna make it,’” paramedic Paul Silva said.

This is the fourth time this year the department has delivered a newborn.

“First push; the first contraction, it was like, ‘OK, we’re going to deliver a baby,’” Silva said.

Even though it was the first roadside delivery for paramedic Mike Watts, he had deja vu.

“Four weeks ago today my son was born,” Watts said. “I’ll admit when the baby came out I had some flashbacks to when my son was born and I got a little emotional in the truck.”

“With it being Mike’s first field [delivery] and him just becoming a new dad, that is another awesome part of our job, as we get to relive some of our life experiences in our life, happenings through what we do for work,” Silva said.

Silva shared the crew’s success story on Facebook, not something anyone in the department normally does, but he said he did so to boost department morale.

“We have a lot of bad days, but we also have a lot of good days, yet sometimes those bad days can outweigh those good days. So it’s nice to bring light to that and share with everyone,” Watts said.

“We see a lot of not so wonderful things, and this being one of the more wonderful things, it’s pretty exciting to be part of that,” paramedic Steve Plympton said.

“The overall outcome was perfect, because what a great crew, and mom and dad were perfect, great patients, and like I said, the baby was very healthy,” Silvia said.