Noah Gaston is pictured during his trial at the Cumberland County Courthouse. Credit: Courtesy of CBS 13

PORTLAND — A jury has found a Maine man guilty of murdering his wife.

A jury found Noah Gaston guilty of murder Friday morning.

Police charged the 36-year-old with both murder and manslaughter in the January 2016 early morning shooting death of his wife, Alicia, in the stairwell of their Windham home.

Gaston’s defense team claimed he heard voices downstairs and thought intruders were in his home.

His defense team said he acted out of fear and didn’t realize it was his wife until he already shot her.

State prosecutors argued he killed her intentionally. An expert witness for the state testified the victim was little more than arm’s length away when she was shot.

Gaston has been in custody at the Cumberland County Jail since his arrest in January 2016.

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