Wayne Bernier of Allagash Adventures Guide Service was one happy hunter on Saturday, Nov. 30 when he bagged this 20 point buck. Credit: Courtesy of Julie Bernier

ALLAGASH, Maine — When a client called off his Saturday morning hunt with Wayne Bernier of Allagash Adventures Guide Service due to cold weather, Bernier decided to make the most of the last day of rifle season and head out in search of a buck of his own.

And boy did he find one.

Credit: Courtesy of Julie Bernier

Bernier, 54, had what most sportsmen would consider the hunt of a lifetime that morning when he bagged a monster buck.

The deer weighed in at 200 pounds with a mighty 20-point rack with a 31-inch spread.

Bernier dropped the buck with a 30-06 on Jackson Mountain in Allagash.

Bernier said it is not the biggest deer he has ever shot, but it is the deer with the biggest rack.

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“I didn’t know how big [the deer’s rack] was until I actually saw him, and then I had a few French swears in there. I was pretty excited,” he said.

He named his buck “The Bernier Bruiser.”

Bernier said his family had been wanting to shoot the buck for years after seeing him on game cameras.

Credit: Courtesy of Julie Bernier

“I was finally the lucky one to get him,” Bernier said. “Since we do such a lot of hunting as a family, I wanted to put the family name in there, and he was a bruiser.”

The family has some pretty logical plans for the 20-pointer.

“We’re gonna mount the horns and we’re gonna eat the deer,” Bernier said.

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Bernier, and his wife Julie Bernier, both Maine registered guides, opened Allagash Adventures in 2018.

Once the client who canceled his Saturday hunting trip got word of the Bernier Bruiser, he was naturally disappointed.

“He called and said he was pretty sad about not coming,” Bernier said. “And I saw two bucks that day.”