Maine state police seized five trucks today after the hauling company racked up $75,000 in unpaid tolls over the past three years Credit: Courtesy of Maine State Police

Maine State Police seized five tractor-trailers on Friday morning that belong to a Rhode Island hauling company that owes more than $75,000 in tolls to the Maine Turnpike Authority.

The trucks were owned and operated by North Kingston-based Commodity Haulers Express, which hauls Poland Spring water. After not paying tolls for the past three years, the company faces felony theft of services charges, according to Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland.

The company operates 12 different tractor-trailer trucks that racked up the unpaid toll amount. The five trucks that state police seized owed $42,000. They were towed to Copp Motors in Cumberland where they will remain until the toll bills have been paid, McCausland said.

The state police investigation started investigating the case a month ago, after the Turnpike Authority reported the company for unpaid tolls.

On Friday morning, troopers located five of the trucks on state routes. One was stopped while traveling southbound on the Maine Turnpike in York, and the four others were stopped along Route 122 in Poland, McCausland said.

Poland Spring was not aware of or involved in the unpaid tolls, he said.