Collins is doing what we elected her to do

BDN readers are seeing a barrage of letters from liberal Democrats attempting to unseat Sen. Susan Collins in 2020. Many of these have been aimed at her vote to place Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Whether this bodes well for the United States, regardless of party views, is fodder for future debate.

I am one of many Mainers who support Sen. Collins for the many advances she has achieved for Maine. Aside from her accomplishments, it is obvious that the national Democratic Party’s goal is a Democratic majority in the Senate and regardless of her successful and even-handed voting record, she is simply one Republican getting in the way.

Losing Collins would represent a tragic loss to the State of Maine — and a loss of all of the resources she has and will continue to deliver to Maine — because of her seniority and the experience she has achieved.

There have been complaints about her meeting with President Trump despite her possibly being an impeachment trial juror. But real issues were discussed: high prescription drug costs and vaping epidemic-related illnesses and deaths.

Collins is doing her job, despite Washington madness. That’s what we elected her to do and exactly what she should be doing.

Bill Shook


Vaccine law supports wellbeing of children

The Maine Children’s Alliance (MCA) is a public policy, nonprofit promoting sound policies and best practices to improve the lives of children and families in Maine. The MCA collects and reviews data on Maine children to advise and advocate for their well-being. Our board is comprised of professionals and experts on children. And we stand in support of the vaccine law signed in May, which allows only for medical exemptions.

Decades of diminishing infections have erased the memory of many terrible and fairly recent diseases. Due to advances in medical care, there are many people among us who may appear healthy, but are actually extremely vulnerable to these diseases. The data consistently supports the efficacy and safety of vaccines. To ensure that all children are healthy, thriving and protected from preventable diseases, we need to immunize as many children as we can, with as few exceptions as possible.

For the well-being of all our young children, the MCA board supports vaccination, and the vaccine law passed this year here in Maine.

Deborah Patten

Board Member

Maine Children’s Alliance


The Christmas gift of health

We are now in the season where many of us are running to and fro to find that perfect Christmas gift for the ones we love. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. As I sat contemplating this in my mind, I realized what the greatest gift any of us could receive this holiday season is none other than our health. I have always known this in my heart for my own health. Not all the gifts in the world, nor all the money in the world could top the precious gift of health.

Just the other day, I met a young woman of 93 at a local bingo hall purchasing her bingo cards. I could not believe her age, nor how young she looked. We spoke for a moment, and I could see her wonderful Christmas gift this Holiday season. It was her health. At my table alone, there were several young men and women in their 80s. How blessed this reality made me feel.

Then, to put the frosting on the cake of health, I had the opportunity to meet a young woman at a local restaurant that serves pasta who was celebrating her 92nd birthday. I jumped up and sang a few lines of “Happy Birthday” to her. My happy feet once again were dancing in my heart.

It isn’t even Christmas yet, and they have already received the greatest gift of all: their health. I’ll be 68 in a few days, and I’ve received a few health gifts in my life. Never envy what others have, unless you envy their health. All else just doesn’t matter.

Eugene Allen